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Here We Are!

Updated: Jun 5

So, you want to start on nonprofit organization that is focused on supporting those who walk the Left Hand path? Cool. You better buckle up for this ride! So, I have decided that a blog is the best way for me to tell me story and so here it is.

Yes, it has been my dream to start a nonprofit organization that is geared towards providing an inclusive and supportive setting for those who follow the various practices associated with the Left Hand path. Our voices need to be heard and our beliefs are valid. They are part of our individuality and are the core components of just who we are.

In my experience, I have seen how people become alienated due to the stigmas associated with such practices and the hatred that has been taught in certain circles towards those who believe differently than they do. Families separated, jobs lost, and social rejection are just some of the traumas created by these stigmas that are being perpetuated. It it time that we put an end to this cycle of hate and start building bridges of understanding.

Add to this mix being a disabled, gender-queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent person who is raising a gender-queer, neurodivergent child and you have a range of mountains ahead of you to conquer. Yet, here I am with this organization, ready to climb those mountains and make this vision a reality. I admit, if it wasn't for the wonderful outpouring of support that my friends and chosen family has given to me, I am not sure if Lux Sanctum Inferni would have manifested as quickly as it did.

Now that it is here, I have found myself fighting an uphill battle of getting funding to build up LSI and it needs to be as well as being able to do all the things that I want to do within the community like helping those in need (We do fundraise and help others as we are able to and do food and clothing drives), providing a safe sacred space for people to gather (Currently, I am using my home for this purpose), and to get educational materials out into the public as well as working with other groups that deal with their own stigmas (like sex positive groups and such like).

The sheer manpower along seems like it would take a small village. Yet, it is mostly done by a few dedicated individuals. We are actively seeking people to volunteer and work with us but it takes time to build trust and so we are actively working on that by getting out there and just doing what can be done as we are able to do. Don't get me going about the amount of money this sort of thing entails! Lol! Thankfully, I have managed to find a way to make it all work somehow.

Events are excellent ways to get people together and to raise some funds. However, I don't want to be that person who constantly asks for handouts or shove merch in their face every time I see someone because that is just not what I am about. I value friendship above all else and the vision of Lux Sanctum Inferni is about helping people feel connected and supported, not passing the the offering plate and guilting them about it as some places tend to do. We all have to live life and money is tight all over. So, I just learn to make do and to make the most out of the interactions that I do have with the members of LSI.

Anyways, I could ramble on about all of the things that go into running an organization and I do plan on sharing more in my next blog. The main reason that I am sharing with you is so you might understand that this organization is about the people and I am not someone looking to get rich or be some rock star (Although that would be super cool!). I am simply a person who seeks to create positive change in a community that I care about. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and most importantly, "Hail you for being true to yourself!"

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